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Dental Enamel Modification

Many people suffer from tooth discoloration, specifically white and brown spots within the enamel that cannot be removed. These defects are usually a demineralization in the outermost layer of enamel. Why does this happen? There are many causes, including plaque build-up on teeth, or a disruption during tooth development, such as trauma. In addition, some people have brown stains from being on antibiotics, such as Tetracycline. In the past, dental treatments to eliminate these areas required significant removal of enamel and either the placement of white composite fillings or porcelain veneers.

Good News! We have perfected a technique called “Enamel Modification” that we have been using for years in our office to remove these white and brown spots. We have had great success, and have been able to give patients back their confidence and security because of the stains being gone. The procedure is easy, painless, and cost-effective. Best of all, the enamel is left with a smooth, shiny, and natural appearance.

Enamel Modification is not for every case, however. There are some defects that are deep within the enamel and cannot be removed by this technique. In these cases, we suggest more comprehensive dentistry, such as bonding, veneers, or crowns. Since each patient’s situation is unique, a clinical exam is required by the treating dentist to determine the quality of the enamel, and the best course of treatment. Please contact our office if you would like more information regarding this procedure, or to schedule an appointment.

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