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Ozone Therapy – Marlton, NJ

The Conservative Way to Fight Tooth Decay

Dental patient giving thumbs up after ozone therapy in Marlton

Some dentists are guided by a “drill and fill” philosophy. Our team, however, focuses on helping patients avoid severe dental problems in the first place. That is why we place such a heavy emphasis on prevention and early intervention. One way we spare our patients from the pain of tooth decay is via advanced ozone therapy. On this page, you’ll learn more about what ozone therapy is and how your dentist in Marlton can use it for your benefit.

Diagram of ozone molecule made of three oxygen atomsWhat Is Ozone?

Ozone is a special type of gas that has been used for sterilization purposes for many years. It is an excited, activated form of oxygen. Each molecule of ozone has three oxygen atoms in it. It wants to become more stable, so it is eager to kick off that third model. When it does so, it begins a chemical reaction that is deadly to bacteria but harmless to human tissue when it is used in reasonable amounts.

Many cities use ozone to sterilize their municipal water supplies, and lots of food companies use it to sterilize fruits, vegetables, and bottled drinks. Its application in dentistry is not new, but only a handful of dentists have decided to invest in this safe, effective therapy.

Happy female patient relaxing in dental treatment chairHow Does Ozone Therapy Work?

During ozone therapy, we stop decay in its tracks by exposing a tooth to ozone gas. The ozone kills existing bacteria and even alters the environment so the bacteria cannot quickly return to cause further damage. It also prompts an accelerated remineralization process within the tooth (it helps to rebuild lost tooth enamel). It can thereby prevent the need for further dental treatment, such as fillings or more extensive procedures.

We can use ozone therapy to treat minor to medium tooth decay. If you have a severe cavity, you may need more extensive treatment to get your oral health back on track.

Close-up of woman’s bright smile with healthy teethBenefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy offers numerous benefits:

  • It is extremely comfortable for patients
  • It is entirely noninvasive
  • No drills are used — that means there are no noises that commonly cause anxiety
  • Ozone therapy is safe for patients of all ages, including young children
  • It helps teeth to heal and regain their strength
  • No local anesthesia is necessary
  • Recovery time is short — you will be able to resume your daily routine right after your appointment

Are you interested in learning how ozone therapy may be able to help you? Contact our team today to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

Ozone Therapy FAQs

Dictionary entry that defines ozone

Since ozone therapy is not yet universally available at all dental practices, you may have questions about it. We understand your curiosity, so we have put together the following list of FAQs, along with succinct and easily digestible answers. If you do not see the answers to your specific questions, reach out to us directly. We would be happy to speak to you. We are enthusiastic about dental ozone, and we want to make sure everyone knows about its benefits!

How Is Ozone Used in Dentistry?

Ozone can be used to disinfect the oral environment and reverse early tooth decay. Its remarkable properties make it useful in a number of different procedures. For example, it has been known to significantly reduce pain and inflammation following tooth extractions. It can play a role in fighting gum disease due to its power to kill harmful bacteria. Some dentists even use it during root canal therapy to sterilize the interior of a treated tooth.

Is Ozone Therapy Safe?

Ozone is a toxic gas; if you breathe in too much of it, it could cause significant harm. However, you should not let that alarm you. We use only the amount of ozone that is necessary for any given procedure. Plus, it tends to revert back to regular oxygen very quickly; you will not have large amounts of it lingering in your body.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that our team is highly trained in how to safely administer ozone. When it is handled by a knowledgeable professional, it is a very low-risk treatment. In fact, due to its noninvasive and holistic nature, it can rightly be considered one of the safest dental therapies around.

How Is Ozone Generated?

Have you ever noticed a very clean, fresh smell during or after a lightning storm? That is because the electricity in the lightning can break up oxygen and form ozone in the surrounding area.

We have a special machine in our office called an ozone generator. It does the same thing as lightning, but on a much smaller and more controlled scale. It creates an electrical charge that causes regular oxygen molecules (O2) to break up into single atoms. Then, three of the atoms link together to form ozone.

Who Can Use Ozone?

Dentists are not the only professionals to use ozone. For example, some non-surgical orthopedic doctors use it to encourage healing in patients who are dealing with musculoskeletal conditions. Hotels may use it to clean their rooms and give them a very fresh smell. Wellness centers often employ it as a disinfectant. It also helps many maintenance companies to kill mold and bacteria in the ventilation systems of the buildings they care for. Ozone is a truly versatile gas!

Why Isn’t Ozone Widely Available?

Ozone is not available at all dental practices because it is not yet considered a mainstream treatment. However, more and more dentists are deciding to adopt it because of the many benefits it offers.

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