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Marlton Preventive Dentist

Young family with beautiful smilesPreventing common oral health concerns is the top priority for the dental team of Dr. Kristin Petulla and Dr. Jennifer Kazemi. By helping our patients make the most of their at-home hygiene routines and visiting with them two times each year for checkups and cleanings, we’re able to truly partner with our patients to keep their smiles whole and healthy at every stage of dental development. If it’s time for your six month dental checkup (or past time), contact our team to schedule an appointment today.

Male patient in 20s with healthy smileCheckups & Cleanings

The solid foundation for any dental health care goals is keeping regular preventive appointments with your dentist. Rather than waiting for pain or damage to occur, partner with our team to prevent common oral health concerns and diagnose others in their earliest stages. During your appointment, we’ll examine your oral and facial structures, capture intra-oral images, and take digital x-rays that allow you to see exactly what we’re talking about when we discuss any oral health issues and treatment plan options. A skilled hygienist will screen for tooth decay, gum disease, teeth grinding and clenching, TMJ dysfunction, and oral cancer. She will carefully remove plaque and tartar from even those deep pits and grooves, and other difficult to access areas. Then, Dr. Petulla or Dr. Kazemi will do a complete oral exam. They will discuss with you any dental concerns they see, or that you may have, answer your questions, and develop a personalized treatment plan for your ongoing oral health. To assist in your pursuit of optimal oral health, every patient receives a complimentary toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and inter-dental cleaners.

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Two young girls smiling at playgroundChildren’s Dentistry

We know how important your child’s health is to you, and our team loves working with kids to help them achieve their healthiest smiles. However, our team has an even more important goal – helping your child establish positive associations with the dentist that will last their lifetime. Too many of the adult patients we treat report that a negative dental experience in their youth caused them to avoid or fear their dental appointments. We know that the gentle care received by our young patients means they’ll always look forward to caring for their smiles.

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Teeth with sealants enlarged in dental mirrorDental Sealants

Sealants are an excellent preventive option for young patients who are still learning to care for their smiles, adults with frequent decay, and those who have naturally thinner layers of tooth enamel. We can place dental sealants quickly as part of the regular six month checkup. The hygienist applies a coating of the thick liquid sealant material to the surfaces of teeth. Then, a curing light is used to harden the dental sealants into position. It’s an easy, quick painless method for preventing cavities.

Healthy gum tissue reflected in dental mirrorPeriodontal Therapy

Gum disease is common among adults, and according to some research, more than 80% of US adults suffer from some form of the disease. We screen for the early warning signs of periodontal disease as part of every six month dental checkup. For patients who do develop gum disease, we also have treatments to renew oral health. We’ll begin by seeing patients for more frequent professional cleanings three to four times each year. If necessary, we can also provide other advanced treatments and antibiotic therapies.

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Clear nightguard on metal trayNightguards for Bruxism

Chronic teeth-grinding and clenching is known as bruxism. This oral health condition typically occurs during sleep when patients are unaware of their behavior. Unfortunately, if bruxism isn’t treated, patients can experience numerous adverse health effects including excessive dental wear, chips, and cracks in their teeth. To prevent dental damage, we’ll create a custom oral appliance that can be comfortably worn during sleep. These nightguards place a protective barrier between the rows of teeth, and are well worth the investment.

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Animation of jawbone and skullBone Loss Prevention

The loss of bone density can occur as a natural result of aging, following tooth loss, and due to advanced periodontal disease. Preventing the loss of jawbone density requires patients to take action right away if they notice any warning signs of deterioration like shifting teeth, a bite that doesn’t fit together as it should, or changing facial shape. Additionally, having any number of missing teeth replaced right away, and following treatment plans for periodontal disease are essential.

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Soda can tops covered in iceEnamel Acid Erosion TReatment

Over the course of a lifetime of daily wear and tear, patients will experience some enamel erosion that can lead to tooth decay, chipped or broken teeth, and other oral health issues. The best way to avoid this is to limit the smile’s exposure to acids that can accelerate the damage. These can be found in sodas, energy drinks, and even sugary sports drinks. Additionally, patients can maintain optimal at-home hygiene routines using fluoridated products that prevent elevated levels of weakened enamel and potential erosion. We can also provide prescription medications and other preventive treatments to protect smiles as part of regular checkups.

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Three-dimensional illustration of ozone molecule against white backgroundOzone Therapy

Ozone is a special type of gas that is deadly to harmful oral bacteria. When we expose tooth decay to it, the ozone not only stops the decay in its tracks, but it also initiates a process that helps the tooth to become strong again. Ozone therapy is effective for small to medium instances of decay, it is totally painless and noninvasive, and it is safe for patients of all ages.

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