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Dental Practice Philosophy

Kristin B. Petulla DDS Jennifer L. Kazemi DMD logoWhen designing our logo, we wanted the philosophy of the practice to be reflected symbolically rather than figuratively.

The CENTRAL TRIANGULAR shape symbolizes the multi-faceted patient. The THREE POINTS OF THE TRIANGLE specifically represent Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The CIRCLE encompassing the triangle symbolizes holistic health. Sometimes life, in its random attempts at harmony, comes full circle. If you believe in holistic health, that the mind and body were never meant to be separated, the circle suggests a greater purpose, that what was and has come back into existence was meant to be all along. This story is a circle, it begins and ends at the same place.

The CORNERS OF THE TRIANGLE BREAKING INTO THE CIRCLE illustrate the connection between doctor and patient.

The rigid DIAMOND PLATFORM that surrounds the circle represents the solid foundation of the total practice.

This logo illustrates our philosophy and it is important to us that you, our patients, know what our commitment to you is.

Our Mission Statement

As a team, we do all that is possible to help our clients achieve their personal goals towards wellness by providing professional excellence in a warm, caring atmosphere

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